Our Company

FoodLife International Ltd provides training, support and capacity building to improve food safety primarily in the areas of food analysis and the development of underpinning research.  We have a strong interest in supporting developing countries in improving food safety and quality standards, and in developing new approaches to reducing and eliminating sources of contamination in the food chain.  We provide advice on emerging food safety risks and developing risk assessment tools to predict and handle crises that might develop in the future. Based in offices in Turkey and also working in UK we deliver our services worldwide.  We aim to provide practical solutions to problems by applying cutting-edge scientific solutions. In addition to our own skills and experience we also draw upon a pool of experts that can be deployed flexibly to meet the needs of customers from the private sector, universities and Governmental Institutions. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide private and public sector clients with high quality scientific support in terms of:

  • Strategic regulatory & scientific support
  • Enhancing national & international scientific profile
  • Capacity-building through consultancy & training
  • R&D project management
  • Theoretical & practical problem-solving