MyToolBox project a 4-year project co-ordinated by BOKU in Austria had a kick-off meeting in Feb 2016. ​The project involving 23 partners from 7 EU countries plus Turkey, Norway, Ukraine and China funded for 4 years at a total cost of €5MPartners in the project have developed novel interventions to reduce crop losses due to mycotoxin contamination. New interventions, integrated together with existing measures (such as HACCP & GAP) in a web-based Toolbox will provide guidance to the end-user, as to the most effective way to reduce crop losses. Guidance, tailored to individual circumstances such as geographical location, climatic conditions, land-use, crop management & storage and intended end-us, will focus on small grain cereals, maize, peanuts and dried fruit (figs), applicable to agricultural conditions in Europe and China. FoodLife International is a Work Package leader playing an important role interacting with the potential end-users of the e-ToolBox. More information can be accessed with the website: