Our Team​

Our Team provides world class training, support, capacity building and mentoring to improve food safety primarily in the areas of food analysis, regulatory support and the development of underpinning research.

Dr. Hamide Senyuva - Director

...has a food safety research background, using sophisticated analytical instrumentation which has been strengthened with experience in project management. This experience together with skills in strategic development and marketing are used to support businesses operating in the food safety arena. Working internationally Hamide provides training and mentoring in laboratory management, and support to companies and public sector organisations in raising their scientific profiles.
E-mail: hamide.senyuva@foodlifeint.com
LinkedIn: tr.linkedin.com/pub/hamide-senyuva/10/789/577/

Dr. John Gilbert - Director

...has considerable experience in food safety having operated at a senior level in Government and academia and has developed strong international links with stakeholders across the food chain. He has hands-on experience of risk assessment gained from many years serving on two EFSA Panels, and a strong background in scientific publishing in both authorship and editorial roles. International experience has been gained in EU funded activities as project manager in a number of capacity-building projects with food control authorities.
E-mail: john.gilbert@foodlifeint.com
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/pub/john-gilbert/20/9bb/810/

Mehmet Zorlu - Webmaster

...is a Software Engineer in CGI Nederland - Space Department who is responsible for maintaining the website of FoodLife. His experience in various web technologies is valuable and keeps the website healthy in order to provide our customers the best experience they can have by using our website.
E-mail: memo.zzzorlu@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mehmet-zorlu-2a05a299/

Our Expert Pool

We recognize the need to draw on specialized expertise when necessary. We have a pool of experts from a network built up over many years providing a range of experience and providing wide geographical coverage. We only use experts whom we know personally and can vouch for their skills and expertise.